About Us

Hi!  I’m a licensed audiologist and owner of The Hearing Teacher, L3C.   My expertise is in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders.  I provide thorough auditory processing assessments.  Once testing is complete, I develop an individualized treatment plan that specifically addresses your or your child’s auditory deficits.  

We are continuously reassessing our clients’ needs and remain up to date as new research, technologies, and intervention therapies become available.  We have an office in Kalamazoo, MI, and will be reopening our Ann Arbor office in the fall of 2021. Clients throughout the state of Michigan and throughout the United States seek our services. We additionally provide evaluations and intervention therapies through telehealth.  Even some of our local families have found it more convenient to work online instead of coming into our offices.   

I first opened my practice in 1998, where I coached parents in the development of spoken language for their children with hearing loss.  I also have a degree in deaf education and have spent many years working with the schools as an educational audiologist and a teacher consultant for children with hearing loss.  Because of this, I am well versed in school policies and special education mandates.  

As owner of The Hearing Teacher, L3C, we now focus our work exclusively on providing evaluations and intervention for individuals struggling with auditory processing.  I love the relationships that I’ve developed with the families in my practice! It is exciting to see the improvements in my clients’ auditory skills and the impact this has had on their learning and self-esteem.

My daughter and I both have an auditory processing disorder.  I know what it feels like and I know what it’s like to watch a child navigate the world with APD.  I’ve made it my mission to remain up to date with the latest therapies for auditory processing. 

I am proud to provide a holistic, family-centered practice, where parents and family members are introduced to the tools and strategies they need to facilitate listening, language, and literacy at home and at school.