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Welcome to The Hearing Teacher! We provide auditory processing evaluations and auditory training therapy that is deficit-specific for children and adults with auditory processing disorders. Our mission is to provide parents and family members the tools they need to reinforce listening, language, and learning at home, work, and school.

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The Hearing Teacher, L3C was created to meet your needs

Hi!  I’m a licensed audiologist and owner of The Hearing Teacher, L3C.   My expertise is in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders.  We provide thorough auditory processing assessments and treatments.  Once testing is complete, we develop an individualized treatment plan that specifically addresses your or your child’s auditory deficit areas.  

Our services are conveniently available throughout the state of Michigan and to individuals around the globe with the addition of our remote teletherapy practices in 2020.  I am proud to provide a holistic, family centered practice, where parents and family members are introduced to the tools and strategies they need to facilitate listening, language, and literacy at home and at school.

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Marcie Brown has an auditory processing disorder, as does her daughter.  She has made it her mission to stay up to date with the latest advancements in treatment options for APD. 

What We Offer Our Patients

Central Auditory Processing

In it’s simplest form central auditory processing can be defined as “what the brain does with what the ears hear” (Jack Katz, 1994).  Children and adults with central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) have a decreased ability to comprehend auditory information.

A central auditory processing evaluation performed by a licensed audiologist identifies the areas of the auditory system that are causing difficulty.  This way we can develop a treatment plan that will address your or your child’s specific auditory deficit areas.  

Telehealth Services

We are pleased to additionally offer auditory processing evaluations and auditory training therapy virtually. Many of our clients enjoy the convenience of engaging in therapy from the comfort of their home or office. Wherever you reside, we can help.

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Clients who are scheduling from a distance and choose to be evaluated virtually will need to obtain an audiogram from their local certified or licensed audiologist.

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