Did You Know

  • Most people who struggle with auditory processing have normal hearing!
  • An estimated 70% of children in juvenile detention centers have either language or auditory processing deficits.
  • Over 50% of children with Dyslexia have difficulty with binaural integration, an auditory processing skill. We can help with that!
  • Auditory processing is a lower-level skill that is critical in the development of speech and reading. 
  • Many people with auditory processing deficits had ear infections when they were children.   
  • People who suffer from closed head injuries often complain about increased difficulty understanding speech in noise.  Auditory training will help with this.
  • As we age, we will all experience increased difficulty processing auditory information.
  • When a musician plays instrumental music, the whole brain is active.  
  • Musicians perform better on auditory memory tasks and do not need to work as hard to understand speech in noise as do non-musicians.