Marcie has an understanding of Auditory Processing Disorder that few audiologists possess. Her wealth of experience, knowledge of current research and therapy options, and motivational demeanor with her clients are unmatched. I have observed her consulting with world experts in order to obtain the best outcome for her client. Marcie Brown is an innovative professional who will find you the answers you need for your hearing difficulties!

Babette Verbsky, Ph.D, Hearing Connections Audiology 

…the best explanation I’ve ever heard honestly for why so many kids with persistent ear infections struggle with speech and language.

Liz Griff, MA CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist,  Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

In four weeks of treatment, I have learned more about this disorder than what I have in the last 15 years.  I have been working on things such as timing, articulating sounds of “letters” accurately, decoding, blending of words, sequencing, and a bunch of other challenging tasks. Marcie is one of those kind professions that continually gives lots of tips and directions of what to practice on to improve. Marcie is always encouraging, pleasant, and patient.  Due to Marcie’s dedication and teaching, I know I am getting better.

Ellie, 42