It is an unfortunate reality that as we age, we all experience a decrease in our ability to process auditory information.

This is because the auditory nervous system becomes less flexible with age.  In addition, many of us will experience high frequency hearing loss and/or tinnitus.  Both will contrubute to difficulty with understanding speech in the presence of noise.  Other symptoms may include an increased sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis) and difficulty processing auditory information when listening in less-than-optimal environments.

Some of the more common complaints among seniors, include:

  • Difficulty multitasking when listening for information (e.g., responding to a question while paying the cashier)
  • Spelling, reading, writing issues
  • Reduction in music appreciation
  • Problems with the ability to localize the source of a signal
  • Difficulty following a conversation on the telephone
  • Difficulty retaining or following multi-step directions
  • Difficulty following long conversations
  • Problems organizing at home, work, and other environments

The Hearing Teacher, L3C provides therapies that re-train the brain to listen.