Engaging with Reading–Our School-based Auditory Training Program

Learning to Read…Reading to Learn!  

Studies indicate that when evaluating academic performance, over 80% of struggling students will test poorly on auditory skills.

For many children with dyslexia, the auditory processing pathways are underdeveloped.  Auditory processing is a lower-level skill that is critical in the development of reading.  The Hearing Teacher, L3C provides school-based auditory training that is easy to administer, requires minimal staff, and is specific to a student’s deficit(s).  Studies have indicated that students who participate in our listening intervention programs progress in reading at nearly twice the pace as their peers.   Auditory training therapy rewires the brain for listening, language, and literacy!  Please contact us so that we can help you close the reading gap!

We can help with that and in the process save you time and money!

The Program

  • School Identifies Struggling Students
  • Parent and Teacher Input 
  • Pre-assessment
  • Auditory Training (on site)
  • Post-assessment

The Auditory Training Benefit

  • Conveniently scheduled during the school day.
  • Minimal time away from classroom instruction:  Each student will participate 20 minutes, 2x/week.
  • Minimal staff requirements: Because our program is computer-based, one staff member can supervise several students simultaneously.
  • Short term therapy: Most students complete our program in 12-16 weeks.
  • Student progress!: Students’ reading ability progresses at twice the pace as their non-participating peers! 

Studies indicate that struggling readers who participate in our auditory training program learn to read twice as quickly as their non-participating peers.

Benefits of our Auditory Training Program