Our Deficit-Specific Auditory Training Therapies

Intervention that is Deficit-Specific

At the Hearing Teacher, we provide deficit-specific auditory training therapy using approaches designed to retrain the auditory centers of the brain.  Auditory processing intervention requires a 3-tiered approach.  In addition to auditory training, The Hearing Teacher teaches compensatory strategies that can be used at home and in school and provides recommendations for classroom modifications to facilitate classroom learning.

Deficit-Specific Intervention Programs

We are continuously analyzing our clients’ needs and evaluating new intervention programs so that we can make those that are most effective available. Below is a list of current programs available at The Hearing Teacher, L3C:

  • Buffalo Model Approach
  • Words in Noise Training
  • Phonemic Training
  • SSP (Safe & Sound Protocol)
  • Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) Focus Program
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Acoustic Pioneer
  • Brain Training through Music


“With the documented potential of a variety of auditory training procedures to enhance auditory processes, the opportunity now exists to change the brain and in turn, the individuals auditory behavior…”

From the American Academy of Audiology Clinical Practice Guidelines Diagnosis, Treatment & Management of Children & Adults with Central Auditory Processing Disorder 

August 2010